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In new network report will report 30 days according to R广州海珠区最爽的桑拿海珠区水晶宫有全套吗ussia satellite network on September 30, association of trade of Russia trave金龙湾部长微信广州桑拿会所体验报告l operation (ATOR) expresses, the condemnatory strength of the Portuguese 广州广州白云区新汇美白云大道新汇美水汇市齐富路天池桑拿person that already increased pair of smoking. According to this state new law, butt广州江南水湾消费广州江南水湾帮吹的吗 is thrown t永康丽池399元什么服务南京丽池宫是荤场吗o need pay amerce in public chaos. This law still summarized the measure that collect and handles nicotian waste material. Data chart: In May 2018, environmental sanitation of beach of wild goose of area of Lanz车陂金莎桑拿多少钱新塘金莎休闲会所怎么样hou town the area just outside a city gate is municipal on 10 thousand when manage picking up of labour of place general environmental sanitation butt that are thrown by passerby chaos, place street to exhibit, advocate the people to make allowances for hardship of environmental sanitation worker, do not make butt optional be born. Yang Yanmin of reporter of China News Service photographs a report to say, butt, cigar or other and nicotian goods are regarded as solid life rubbish, be prohibited ” in public reclaim processing ” . In addition, the person that did not throw butt into dustbin, include to smoking legally area, will be in with the 25 ame海之洲休闲会所价格表广州海之洲全套内容钟村金桂湾技师金桂湾水会几点营业rce to 250 euro. This law returns a regulation, the business organization such as hotel, dining-room and public place of entertainment and place of all ban on opium-smoking and the opium trade, must provide ashtray and rubbish processing equipment. According to the repor广州南悦休闲会所红牌远景路金苑桑拿怎么样t, although th广州唔准唔开桑拿广州海珠那个水会有半套is law already become effective, but have transfer certainly period. A year in transgressor will not be fined, can undertake critical education to its only.