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If your crack oneself up is Chang Fei is abroad “芳村新悦湾水会怎样新悦湾会所 veteran ” , rong Xiaoqiao asks you: About ” enter a country chapter ” , what idea do you have? How many person thinks, “That is the thing of custom, how to operate along with them, I give a passpo广州齐富路怎么找全套齐富路天池蒸房红牌rt simply, need not the others entirely worry about ” ? Ten million does not hold this kind of thought again! Do you know, custom is likely also busy in make mistake, oneself are not checked enter a country chapter, did not offend definitely go up to be bothered海之洲服务是2次吗广州海之洲328技师照片 greatly! Recently, gentleman of Chinese tourist king (alias) , met job of this archives vexed. From admire evil spirit the recreational brigade of other people, be in to the person tha广州桑拿qt白云区qt按摩店t stops illegally road, differ to enter a country sma洛宴概念水会 佳丽洛宴概念水会红牌照片lly only unexpectedly chapter. Incident is reductive on Feburary 18, mr Wang cherishs relaxed and happy mood, take second airliner of Oriental aviation FM867 to set out from Shanghai, fly to Malaysia inferior shelter. In inferior shelter amuse oneself after 2 days, on Feburary 20, mount boat MH2137 goes to celestial being this that, at local amuse oneself 4 days. On Feburary 24, mr Wang flies to kuala lumpur, stay 2 days in kuala lumpur, the plan goes vacationing at will ending on Feburary 26 go back to the motherland. Everything ground of in an orderly way goes on wheels, till Feburary 26, go back to the motherland that day! That day, work Mr Wang with systimatic element, shift to an earlier date 2 hours to arrive at kuala lumpur I海珠区比较好的水疗会所广州海珠区沐足有飞机nternational Airport to deal with value opportunity, consigned baggage. Can take boarding check and passport to install check when him, scanning is over passport, be 淼沁水汇广佛深桑拿网informed unexpectedly cannot leave the country temporarily. What? ! Cannot leave the country? ! Respect of classics kuala lumpur affirms, on the 江泰路金日部长广州海珠区江泰路金日passport of Mr Wang, little when Malaysia enter a country date chapter. After contacting Ma Fang, official of Malaysia immigration office shows, mr Wang had not filled in Malaysia immigration card, on equestrian square computer, do not check relevant enter a country record. Want to know, this matter but can small. Toward the novel, can be a person wrong leakage, break involuntarily less formalities; Toward say greatly, was short of this seal, do not examine this record, the behavior of Mr Wang with cross as good as illegally secretly. To this, mr Wang breathes out greatly ” injustice ” . “Enter a country when Malaysia, take an immigration card to be filled to me without the person. Check on the net before this, also say Malaysia does not need to fill an immigration card, many friend that has gone also has confirmed ” , mr Wang says. He explains, “After entering a country, examine card without border land personnel, I am done not have too care about. There has been a Malaysia to enter a country on my passport after all chapter, there also is an order on visa, who knows to still have 3 chapters! The 4th chapte广州潇洒皇宫关门广州潇洒皇宫中心r! ” time one second goes, the case is complex, takeoff time is closer and closer however. Mr Wang is in with respect to the English with not very smooth spirit originally right now more show ” anxious ” , he realizes gradually, oneself already in body defect trouble. If what he expects, time arrives, the plane takes off, mr Wang by ” be in tiredly ” exotic. Below the help of local Chinese, 27 days, mr Wang comes to Malaysia immigration office, submitted the data such as visa, boarding check, the 海之洲 2019部长result is informed by the immigration office ” need investigation, wait for an an东晓南淼沁桑拿nouncement please ” . Examine minutely specific go back to the motherland date, the immigration office says only ” cannot decide ” . Waited 6 days all the time. Visa of 15 days is in period of efficacy to will expire on March 4. Mr Wang reachs Malaysia immigration office for many times during seek advice whether leave, without if really; Ever applied for visa to adjourn to the immigration office, also do not have if really.