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The Chinese values education since ancient times, ancient have ” mother of the first month 3 change ” story, have heavy gold to buy the agitation of room learning an area, what be defeated by to cannot be defeated by education, learn an area well to be equal to good future, this kind of phenomenon already not home of be confined to, overseas, “Academic area ” the first essential factor that becomes a Chinese to buy a room to consider already. But, this learns region house, can not be to want to buy can buy. Calculate an innumerable trials and hardships to be grabbed, paid brushstroke possibly also high price, harvest a large hole… work laboriously grabs Fang Gang to want to decorated a wall to collapse last year in August, mr Zhou purchases a building in contest of shellfish of area of new York empress, the price 800 thousand dollar, want to know, beisainake is famous academic area. House in one’s hand hind, the connection on Mr Zhou horse decorates a company, think of the house that admire in the heart can be entered immediate广州总统御池彭部长总统大酒店御池桑拿jsly, mr Zhou not Titus is glad. What can let Mr Zhou want to be less than is,长城酒店桑拿健康中心 decorate a project to just undertake two weeks, house east a whole wall of side fell. This lets Mr Zhou be at a loss, well a house, how to say to fall. The personnel of bureau of Newyork city building hears the news come, undertook checking to the building, maintaining what Mr Zhou buys is danger building, ask to demolish its. The house that just bought is about to tear open, this has had bad luck quite, who knows, still have more hapless. Mr Zhou asked company of a construction to be in charge of tearing open a house, according to agreement requirement, tear open a house to need 32 thousand dollar to impose the tax of 10% , mr Zhou paid the deposit of 26 thousand dollar first. Unexpectedly, this company because construction is undeserved, enrol repeatedly punish sheet,广州白云区新汇美水会广州永泰新汇美桑拿 more annoying is, because this 广州桑拿网蒲友论坛广州桑拿论坛飞机网company did not pay on time,punish sheet and be asked shutdown. 广州荔湾区沐足飞机广州三元里女士推油Face one Zhang Zhan海之洲水疗休闲会馆价格表g punishs sheet and the danger building that dismantled an in part, mr Zhou has suffering not to say really. Do not have method, mr Zhou is forced to seek legal help. Through seeking advice, the contract that Mr Zhou is informed oneself and construction company is too simple, remove law to protect action hard. And what make an appointment with with Mr Zhou autograph is a c三茂大酒店御龙池全套御龙池技师排行ompany is not an ind大石鑫皇城有什么服务ividual, if shape accuses a company, the company can apply for to go bankrupt or recombine, win compensation very hard so. Weighing gold to order next rooms to learn an area is a holiday is as depressed as Mr Zhou, still have the dweller of a foreign citizen of Chinese origin of New Zealand Oakland. Recently, intent of dweller of a foreign citizen of Chinese origin buys Oakland when a house property, be informed this house property is a school to learn region house by intermediary, after when this foreign citizen of Chinese origin the dweller paid deposit, just can discover oneself are by intermediary flicker, the house property that oneself buy is absent at all of a school learn an area inside. But under, dweller of this foreign citizen of Chinese origin is forced to accuse medium court, it is good to was expended a setbacks just redeems a loss. Just bought next room school grade to change recently, board of directors of school of Wen Ge China (VSB) issue a report, the plan closes this division 30 schools, school of much place name lists amid. This all鹤山棕南海技师图片广州棕南海水疗一条龙ows the residents of a lot of foreign citizen of Chinese origin that had bought house learning an area extremely panicky, everybody does not hope ” hapless ” is him. The school that admire in the heart is shut to make a person panicky, the school that admire in the heart is dropped to divide make a person helpless likewise. Last year New Year beginning, parent of Chinese of a lot of United States discovers, door mouth is original 10 minut海珠区ned纳尔顿体验广州ned桑拿es of very out广州越秀区全套桑拿越秀区哪个桑拿好standing elementary school, junior high school, high school, abrupt mark was dropped, especially the traditional name school in circle of a few Chinese was to drop 7-8 to divide directly more. It is GREATSCHOOLS so (the United States learns