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Teacher of conversational Finland pioneer: Finnish education is faulty, tradition study lets 80% students be on short commons 海富金太阳幼儿园怎么样or understand do not mention Finnish education, what can your the first reaction be? Ever by U.N. praise the power of persons qualified to teach that grants for education of global first-rate middle and primary school, Gao Shui, perfect teacher grooms system, be still the equal p三元里金莎桑拿有哪些服务2019rinciple of Finnish education黄边汇聚洲会馆好玩吗广州汇聚洲会馆服务? Actually, praise Finnish education in us while, little imagine is Finnic the education that also reviewing oneself ardently, found a few way that solve a problem. For example, take seriously more those who strengthen education student is transverse (general) ability and interdisciplinary study ability, and to Finland of thousands of school rebuild. Pekka Peura, be called by Finnish education group ” one of vanward teachers with personalized the famousest study a广州桑拿按摩论坛广州按摩一条龙服务re urged in Finland ” . In name of division of Chin御池 花式服务总统大酒店御池桑拿ycese Hangzhou name during president forum, pekka Peura shared him to come to those who carry out personalized study think for years with experience. Look in him what have 10 years of of school age, take traditional tuitional pattern, the student or of 80% ” be on short commons ” , or is understood not, this one钟村2019品汇水汇红牌技师 problem makes he begins to review traditional educational pattern and personalized study. Consider to make clear, personalized study has effect truly. So, how should a teacher implement classroom education of individuation after all? What item does the need in personalized education process notice? How does look upon evaluation study medium effect in individuation? We see this Finnish pioneer teacher how say together. Everybody may hear Finnish educational system is very excellent generally, but I want to say, finnish educational system also has a lot of problems actually, imagine without everybody so extraordinary. I want to talk with everybody today, not be a teacher ” teach ” , h零点水会 全套绿之洲零点水会技师owever of the student ” learn ” , because I feel ” learn ” the crucial place that just is education. There is a more serious problem in Finland, this problem is likewise in other country. Ask everybody to see the picture below. The picture came from the issue that this piece of graph shows the literary works to had perplexed me a lot of years. The curve in the graph shows the study result that the student issues in different pattern. The first curve is denotive it is traditional teaching mode, a teacher attends class to 30 students. The 2nd curve is denotive it is man-to-m广州天河区上门按摩广州天河上门服务过夜an education mode, namely personalized education. Comparative two kinds of mode, we can see study performance of the student differs completely. How do these two curves understand? Everybody can see the of 2% number in the graph. Have 100 students suppose, compare in teachers and students 1: 30 when, only the student of 2% obtained top study to accomplish, and compare when teachers and students 1: 1 when, near the student of the half can achieve similar study success. 1: The teachers and students of 1 compares impossible of course implementation, we are accomplished impossibly how many student has how many广州白云区桑拿水会排行广州白云区洗浴一条龙 teacher. There should be many student in classroom and when the teacher has only, how should we do ab广州白云kb场广州番禺哪有kb场ility to improve our education quality? This is the issue that I am exploring all the time, how to realize personalized study namely. Ask everybody to look to go up again graph. Below traditional pattern, does the difference between the poorest student and best student have how old? In Finland in student of 15 years old, “Poor student ” and ” good student ” the difference on mathematical course has 7 school year. I am written新市墟新景湾广州新市按摩 down not clear this difference is in other country