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Treasure of Guangzhou this locality > information express delivery > does Guangzhou live > does Guangzhou dining-room restore hall feed what demand is there? Does Guangzhou dining-room restore hall feed what demand is there? Release time: 2020-02-21 14:31 share: [guide language] : Hall of Guangzhou across-the-board halt fe广州御龙池休闲会所 岗顶总统大酒店eds a service during pneumonic epidemic situation, so should Guangzhou御水澜湾打官司番禺水澜湾休闲会所fj dining-room restore hall feed what asks? Understand together! Does Guangzhou restore hall feed what demand should have? Above all, need to possess lawful management qualification; Next, s月都城桑拿何部长电话hould fulfil good epidemic situation to prevent control main body liability, establish epidemic situation to prevent for instance control working party, special orgnaization and personnel are in charge of making epidemic situation prevent during accusing, battalion of already of look forward to defends plan is mixed implement measure actually; The 3rd, need to have defend goods and materials lays in ability, before start working and go back to work, the security with need enough preparation 广州黄埔不正规会所广州黄埔区桑拿休闲会江南水湾哪个技师漂亮江南水湾红牌技师所endowment, lay in average level to defend at least guaze mask, medical alcohol / alexipharmic water, th广州海城休闲会馆特服ermometer, c广州丽池在哪广州总统丽池an ensure staff member routine to defend demand. Finally, close down hind regains a meal unit that feed first, need to face appliance of facilities of business place, facilities, eat to wait completely undertake cleaning disinfection thoroughly. Sweet clew: Treasure of attention Guangzhou this locality (ID: Date of 广州御龙池部长电话海城休闲会馆特服public of Bdbguangzhou) small letter, reply [meal] , can obtain Guangzhou meal enterprise to open latest news, still can obtain a net to go up the entrance that buy food, time iss广州万花楼ueing sheet, des海之洲那个技师漂亮erve to send the message such as means. Reply [pneumonic] , can inquire affirm distributinging village of case of illness or place, get the symptom of knowledge of latest news of new-style and pneumonic epidemic situation, popular science, disease, informatio君港休闲会所部长微信君港休闲会所 查封n such as precau广州桑拿tionary measures, still but guaze mask of online precontract purchasing, check oneself report healthy circumstance to wait. Recommend read: 2020 Guangzhou each area is pneumonic epidemic situation latest news (update everyday) virus of shape of   Guangzhou new-style coronal catchs pneumonic latest news (update continuously)   Guangzhou is new-style an广州纳尔顿国际水会纳尔顿国际水会 全套d pneumoni御龙池技师排行广州御龙池红牌技师c diagnose age distributings newest circumstance (update everyday) whole strategy of precontract purchasing of   Guangzh东圃润满多有什么服务黄村鼎福一条龙ou guaze mask (time + enter the mouth +