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Treasure of广州桑拿 Guangzhou this locality > information exp大石鑫皇城几号技师好广州大石鑫皇城怎么样ress delivery > Guangzhou lives > crossover of Guangzhou Jin Sui road already debutted to will build crossover of enlightened Guangzhou Jin Sui road to already debutted to will build in the round in April partly in the round in April partly enlightened release time: 2014-02-11 13:48 share: [guide language] : On Feburary 11, 2014, crossover of road of Guangzh沙湾水会会所美丽汇 增槎路 怎么样ou gold spic has had a part t广州阡陌QM论坛o be thrown temporarily used, j广州桑拿有kb吗广州东圃kb体验ust debut temporarily nevertheless, the citizen should be passed quickly广州大石鑫皇城全套鑫皇城沐足有一条龙 when the bridge too. Crossover of golden spic road opens time to be in certainly in the round in April 2014 portion. → yesterday, crossover of road of spic of the gold in Guangzhou highway still not finishing, but already the pedestrian passes through. South reporter Zhang Zhitao photographs crossover of Jin Sui road to built in April debut temporarily only at present, when the citizen crosses the bridge, should pass quickly crossov汇都国际水疗馆汇都国际水疗会飞机er of Jin Sui road will approached the Guangzhou thoroughfare of start working up to now July last year finishing, crossover has been thrown partly during the Spring Festival use, city is built appoint the staf客村足道乐技师微信怡乐村按摩f member expresses yesterday, at present crossover still has partial baluster and afforest beautiful chamfer to was not inst海之洲休闲会所价格表广州海之洲全套内容alled, predict to be able to build investment to use entirely this year in April. South the reporter discovered recently, already the crossover o广州御池水疗f road of spic of Guangzhou highway gold of 9 months has thrown constr广州潇洒皇宫有服务么潇洒皇宫哪个技师好uction sadly at present use, although crossover is current,next two bridge ladder still did not propose northeast and southwest way, but the stair playing the bridge of northwest and southeast direction can have been used, do not have 掌尚休闲会馆有什么服务baluster and armrest nevertheless, already many citizens walk along crossover to pass Guangzhou highway y广州海之洲怎么样 岗顶总统大酒店esterday. Nevertheless, as a result of at present still not finishing, construction unit also is on crossover paste announcement, remind a citizen at present crosso广东悦来香QMver just debuts temporarily before the Spring Festival, the citizen should be passed quickly when crossover of over or across, avoid to stay f番禺水澜湾休闲会所fj水澜沐足休闲会所电话or long.