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Treasure of Guangzhou this locality > information express delivery > Guangzhou lives > Guangzhou is alone 2 embryoes carry out half month to already mom of悦海洲国际水会2019悦海洲国际水会正规吗 about to give birth takes card Guangzhou smoothly alone 2 embryoes carry out half month to already mom of about to give birth takes card smoothly to release time: 2014-04-14 15:08 share: [guide language] : To April 14, guangzhou ” alone 2 child ” executive half moon, alre广州葵花蒲典洛宴广州葵花蒲典论坛ady accepted to 11 days alone 2 child apply for 800. Had had many allowing 2 births mother, took a birth certificate, many 2 births mother had expressed fast, very accident! As we have learned, “Urgent ” the mother with strange move, can apply for to took testimony that day that day. Guangzhou ” alone 2 child ” accurate Mom of alone about to give birth takes executive half moon smoothly card Guangzhou already accepted application to even more 800, examine and approve green passageway, need not sign ligation acceptance   ” very fast! Very accident! ” on April 11, be pregnant the Milky way of 8 months allows Mom S Hirley is examined and approve smoothly through 2 child, take family planning testimony (next weighing that serve card) . The reporter learns fro广州南美水疗要裸吗天河至尊国际水疗m relevant channel, guangzhou ” alone 2 child ” executive half moon, already accepted to 11 days alone 2 child apply for 800. And S Hirley is not the first accurate Mom that takes testimony. A month takes service testimony yesterday afte广州qm论坛唔准唔开心rnoon 3 when make, guangzhou is alone 2 embryoes Q Q group in, netizen Shirley says to everybody announce good news, she already last week 5 examine and approve through 2 child, took servic广州荔湾区洗浴哪家好广州荔湾区哪有按摩e testimony. The reporter contacts Shirley subsequen广州海上皇宫艾滋病广州海上皇宫有飞机吗tly, h镇江悦海龙庭技师广州市南泊湾水会全套er expected date of childbirth is in on May 14, namely still a month is about to produce. Shirley says, because she is mom of about to give birth, the community of hillock o广州总统御池桑拿体验岗顶总统御池桑拿经理电话f benefit of ox of area of the Milky way that when handling card so, she is in is resided appoint meet a staff member to said to open green channel for her with her designedly. Shirley was resided on April 8 appoint can submit application form and relevant data, the staff member hel广州潇洒皇宫有什么服务广州海珠区潇洒皇宫ps her examine and verify namely广州汇聚洲会馆 and affix one’s seal (pressing御豪国际水汇技师广州御广州天河推油按摩广州推油哪个地方最好豪国际水会怎样 a regulation is the) inside 3 weekday. That day, the application form of secon全国楼凤群狼谷d birth Yo that Shirley will built 芳村那里有桑拿芳村有什么桑拿场好玩good rule sent street. After 3 d广州桑拿休闲会所全套广州桑拿按摩论坛ays, namely on April 11 afternoon, shirley received place to reside appoint the staff member’s announcement, inform her to serve card to already had done to be able to be gotten. According to ” alone 2 child ” application technological process, house appoint community of seat of census register of opinion; woman can be issued to reside inside 3 weekday appoint orgnaization of street family planning sends; inside 5 weekday street; is examined and approve to be shown plus 15 the ruler of heaven inside 10 weekday period. Add up need 33 days in all, but Shirley spent 3 days of time only