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Treasure of Guangzhou this locality > information express delivery > Guangzhou lives > 27 rubbish reduce Bai Yun area the first batch enables to already enabled Bai Yun are广州逸城休闲全套东圃润满多有全套吗a 9 times after the station will upgrade the first batch already enabled 9 times after 27 rubbish compress a station to will upgrade release time: 2014-04-15 13:40 share: [guide language] : Area of Guangzhou white cloud handles the rubbish that start the station to upgrade transform a plan, there will be 27 rubbishes to compress a station to be in inside 2014 upgrade after transforming, enable, cent 3 batches are enabled. At present the first batch 9 compress a station to had been started transform, already official investment used the part. 9 rubbish compress Bai Yun   is enabled after the station upgrades ” lengthen life compress a station floor area exceeds 600 square metre, be upgrade this trans广州御龙池休闲会所长城酒店画廊和花园formed rubbish compresses a the scale in the station is the largest. ” the reporter learns from bureau of canal of city of white cloud area yesterday, be located in Tang scene street to lengthen life by the hospital lengthen life rubbish compresses a station to already was used at official recently investment, compress a station to still have 8 like the rubbish that transforms through upgrading so. This is white cloud area the first batch of rubbish compress station classification to receive carry to upgrade transform a project. Rubbish dehydrate rate rises most probably Guangzhou reporter sees in the spot, the range establishs outside unified orange inside, orderly discharging new purchased compression equipment. Before this, because original rubbish compresses equipment not to have dehydration and classified function, this brings about problem of rubbish drop leakage to cannot be solved thoroughly directly, more to rubbish classified processing job creates serious obstacle. To solve this one problem, 36 when bureau of canal of city of white cloud area plans to transform a condition to according with compress a station to undertake upgrading transforming, among them the first batch 9 transform the task to already was finished广州会所鸭子盈通国际水会18号技师盈通水会全套招聘信息广州番禺休闲会所. Bureau of canal of零点水会 全套绿之洲零点水会技师 city of white cloud area is in about chief check and accept spot introduction, upgrade this tra广州狼友飞机网nsform the job to basically involve two aspects. It is right the in-house environment that compresses a station undertakes be deco广州水博休闲桑拿会所广州水博部长ratinged afresh, inc竹怡堂休闲会红牌86广州竹怡堂娱乐场所lude to rebuild to bui盈通国际水疗 全套广州盈通国际水会收费lding the ground to demolish, establish groom of inside and outside of face, room to the building, rebuild to the water and electricity inside the station wait for; 2 it is to sho棠下水会广州雅韵沐足好吗wing some rubbish to compress equipment un广州海之洲消费 番禺泰豪水疗会dertakes up广州田力休闲部长电话grading. “With original compression equipment photograph is compared, upgrade the compression after transforming stands dehydration rate will rise 80% above, the phenomenon that reduces rubbish drop leakage to cause pollution 2 times greatly. ” afore-mentioned controller express, this will be solved effectively at present eat hutch rubbish carries efficiency the problem such as leakage of droplet of low, percolation filtration, the dehydrate after contented rubbish is classif广州棕南海有全套 评价鹤山棕南海桑拿正规吗ied and the demand that sequel ha顺德蒲典飞机网ndles. Approve cent this year start 27 to compress a station to 月都城有全套吗金沙洲月都城桑拿杨娜transform