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Treasure of Guangzhou this locality > information express delivery > Guangzhou lives > Guangzhou city number of households and total population does poineering work to be a广州永泰天池水疗会所广州龙归天池地址b海曼岛水疗海曼岛国际水会半套le to obtain number of households and total population of allowance Guangzhou city every year to do poineering work to be able to obtain allowance every year to release time indepe广州荔湾区洗浴哪家好广州芳村桑拿ndently independently: 2013-08-21 15:22 share: [guide language] : Guangzhou census register does poineering work independently personnel manages into poineering base海之洲979技师照片海之洲水疗休闲会馆 of the class that be stationed in city, can obtain by a definite date 2 years, annual and highest 5000 yuan field hires allowance. Into halt poineering base is highest obtain census register of Bu Moyuan Guangzhou own poineering staff enters poineering base of the class that be stationed in city to manage, can obtain by a definite date 2 years, annual and highest 5000 yua广州桑拿n field hires allowance. Yesterday, bureau of Finance of city of resource of Guan广州岗顶总统酒店御池总统御池桑拿会所gzhou city labor power and social security bureau, Guangzhou is released jointly ” Guangzhou广州长城酒店画廊桑拿 city does poineering work (广州盈广州白云区田力广州田力桑拿休闲会所通国际水会qt盈通国际水会199号hatch) base field hires method of allowance try out ” (the following abbreviation ” method ” ) , period of efficacy is 5 years. Do p金丝阁论坛oineering work independently to urge worker further, sufficient play does poineering work (hatch) the action that base builds poineering platform to develop obtain employment station, ” method ” allowa玉珑泉几号技术好nce object is respectively do poineerin水澜湾休闲会所一条龙番禺水澜湾休闲会所正规吗g work (hatch) base and poineering personnel, former req广州御池桑拿半套顶岗总统大酒店8楼桑拿uirement was on January 1, 2009 hind via Guangzhou city town one class is maintained and to garrison poineering personnel offers a city class that hires the privilege such as derate to do poineering work (hatch) base; latter is stationed in base to be ent同和蟹山扫黄同和沙河岛ered after January 1, 2010 and manage normally f广州月都城红牌技师ull a year and punctual pay field land rent. ” method ” regulation, face of needle face each other, the market, Lou Yu base, give in those days one-time 20 thousand yuan of field lease area of allowance; garden model base gives in those days one-time 50 thousand yuan field hires allowance.